Data Mining

Sr.No Paper Name Year
1 An Iterative Classification Scheme for Sanitizing Large-Scale Datasets IEEE 2017
2 Computing Semantic Similarity of Concepts in Knowledge Graphs IEEE 2017
3 Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams IEEE 2017
4 Dynamic Facet Ordering for Faceted Product Search Engines IEEE 2017
5 Influence Maximization in Trajectory Databases IEEE 2017
6 Influential Node Tracking on Dynamic Social Network: An Interchange Greedy Approach IEEE 2017
7 Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback IEEE 2017
8 Predicting Student Actions in a Procedural Training Environment IEEE 2017
9 Public Interest Analysis Based on Implicit Feedback of IPTV Users IE IEEE 2017
10 QueryDriven Approach to Entity Resolution IEEE 2017
11 Query Expansion with Enriched User Profiles for Personalized Search Utilizing Folksonomy Data IEEE 2017
12 Searching Trajectories By Region Of Interest (Tsr Query) IEEE 2017
13 A Situational Analytic Method for User Behavior Pattern in Multimedia Social Networks IEEE 2017
14 Predicting Student Action Through Online Examination In An Online Training IEEE 2017
15 Temporal Task Scheduling With Constrained Service Delay for Profit Maximization in Hybrid Clouds IEEE 2017
16 Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge IEEE 2017
17 User Vitality Ranking and Prediction in Social Networking Services:a Dynamic Network Perspective IEEE 2017